The artist

After studying at the Beaux Arts and Conservatoire, Michel Bordage began an apprenticeship in decorative ironwork, which would serve as the foundations for his artistic research. From 1972, he began to explore wood, metal and stone through sculpture and set about integrating formal research and the creation of pure matter, via a totally original approach. His first exhibitions, firstly in the Middle East and then in Greece and Cyprus, revealed his true vocation: to rediscover, by sculpting molten matter, what he would call the "memory of matter". After 1987, esthetic expression gave way to a desire to recreate and convey, in both his paintings and sculptures, this memory of matter without ever fixing it. Michel BORDAGE exhibits alongside CALDER, BEN, DEBRE and WEISBUCH... Faithful to his artistic quest, he has devoted the last few years to numerous exhibitions in France, the Middle East, Switzerland and Japan, and been associated with some of the greatest artistic figures such as APPEL, ARTUNG, CHRISTO, DALI, KLEE and TINGUELY... His friendship with Olivier LAPIDUS is the meeting of two unique creators around the theme of life and the memory of matter. With this coming together, Michel BORDAGE has developed a new artistic language whose expression is the creation of original fabrics with Hermès and LAPIDUS Haute Couture collections... a creative race where art transcends technique to create new spaces.
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