The studio of Michel Bordage

An alchemist's mecca. A universe within a universe where you can feel the energy, the vibrations. You might think a good fairy has blessed this place and left behind her petals of silver and gold. This world is bursting with color... a musical, ordered and sensual place you feel instantly drawn to, that you want to touch. Softness and harmony take you on a journey where the sun plays on sumptuous stained-glass as it appears from the ovens. Bronze flows along its furrows and feeds the work. The grand gallery houses a retrospective of the artist's research into wood, bronze and glass. Paintings, jewellery and pens sit side by side in perfect harmony as the eyes feast on the beautifully, lovingly crafted works. The studio is divided into carefully planned sections with one room exclusively devoted to musical creation and tea... in other words, life. I spent hours in this other world, the world of SAINT EXUPERY's Petit Prince... and I think you should too. M. MAHA.
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